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Time tracker Lite, is simple, ready to use Free Time Sheet software, that enables you to track time spent, on various project or activities and increase productivity.
Generally Professionals such as designers, consultants, architects etc, charge client on time and material basis, or on fixed cost. In both cases, it is important to track the actual time spent versus the estimated.
Hence they prefer to manage time sheets in excel, managing time in excel has its own limitation, it's tedious, less organized and information is not readily available.
Time tracker Lite is useful for such professionals, who work on multiple projects, and find it difficult to track, time spent on each project.

Time tracker Lite is a simple application to start tracking your project time.
Time tracker Lite can be used by professionals such as architects, lawyers, graphic designers, software developers or any consultants.


Time tracker has the following key features
- Timesheet
- Monthly overview of timesheet
- Reports with option to export data to excel


Generally professionals work on multiple projects and activities. They charge client on time and material basis, or on fixed cost. In both cases, it is important to track the actual time spent versus the estimated.
Timesheet in Time Tracker Lite enables you to capture time spent on various activities or projects.
Timesheet is simple, user friendly that allows you to record time, quickly and easily.

Tracking time enables you to identify time consuming activities and analyze time and cost invested.

other features

month view
It gives you the quick overview of time spent during the month

Reports include project summary and other timesheet reports that give you the overall summary of time spent in a project or task. The data in report can be exported to excel.

backup and restore data
Time tracker Lite has inbuilt backup and restore feature to safeguard your data.

- Analyze total time spent on each project
- Identify time consuming projects or activities
- Summary of time spent during the month

It is single user application. Ideal for individual. No registration required simply download, install and start using Timetracker Lite edition.
For product support and multi user buy license edition.



time tracker lite product information of features and benefits.
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Time sheet


Month view






Multi user

Multi PC (LAN)

Access control

Support & upgrades

Price USD


$24 onwards

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Q. Would data entered in Time Tracker Lite 2014 edition will be upgraded to Time Tracker Lite 2015 edition?
Yes, Time Tracker lite 2014 open data can be upgraded to Time Tracker lite 2015, you need to take a backup of data of Time Tracker Lite 2014 and restore this in Time Tracker Lite 2015, application would close and on re-login it will ask for the data migration, say yes.
If you need any help or more information mail us at info@spinso.com

Q.Is there any support provided for the free edition?
Yes, we do provide email support mail us at info@spinso.com

Q. Would data entered in trial edition be upgraded to license edition?
Yes, data entered in Time Tracker Lite can be upgraded to license editions like My, Basic, Standard & Professional.

Q. Do I need to register or fill a form to use Time Tracker Lite?
No, you can download the application from our website and start using it. The application would have a default login and password. You need to click on login button and start using it.

Q. Is there any limit for users I can create in Time Tracker Lite ?
Time Tracker Lite support 1 user, which id default created in the system, and you would not be able to create any more users.

Q. Can I take a backup of data?
Yes, you can take a backup of the data as per your need and restore the same if needed.

Q. For some reason if my computer needs to be formatted how do I restore Time Tracker Lite?
Yes, You just need to reinstall the application and restore the backup, all your data would restore to last backup take state.

Q. Is there a paid version single user version like Time Tracker Lite?
Yes, Time Tracker My edition is a licensed single user application with support. This is similar to Time Tracker Lite. You can download the free trial version

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Q. Is there a multi user version of Time Tracker with more features?
Yes, Time Tracker has various edition like My, Basic, Standard, Professional, Premium and Enterprise. We would recommend you to try Time Tracker professional edition which has features like Multi user, Leave, Holiday List, Project Manager view, Reporting manager view, MIS, DMS, Public Cloud Support, private cloud support and more

You can download the free trial version

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Q. How to Uninstall TimeTracker Lite?
1. Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.

2. Select TimeTracker Lite, and then click Uninstall. Administrator permission required If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.


hardware requirement
- CPU: 2 GHz+
- RAM: 512 MB (minimum)
- Disk Space: 100 MB (minimum)
- Screen Resolutions: 1024*768

- OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
- Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0 download now

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product category
- Time tracking application
- Time management
- Employee timesheet
- Project Costing

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